Hw Functional Verification  SoC

Settore: / Engineering /
Azienda: Skytechnology srl
Data annuncio: 28/12/2019
Sede di lavoro: Catania
The scope of the requested service will be to start working on an existing verification environment, developed in Specman e, and used to grant full functional verification of the RTL DUT,

and apply the required modifications to verify a new version of the IP. This will cover:
Specification study and modification of the VPlan
Modification of drivers, monitors, checkers and cover item
Implementation of additional checkers, cover items and tests development
Debugging for bug hunting
Completing the coverage closure, granting 100% of code coverage, functional coverage and checkers coverage with a test suite full passing (no failing checks)
Re-run with Jasper Gold protocol checking, register checking and unreachability (optional, we can do internally)
Update the verification report with the new results
Verification project sign off.

Sede di lavoro Catania

The Verification Engineer will work in a team with the designer and an expert verifier that will support if needed
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